Cabo San Lucas is home to all sorts of adventure. Whether you are looking to satisfy your love for danger or just want a relaxing vacation, there is an activity for everyone. This is just a list of the top 10 Cabo San Lucas activities, but the options are endless. Ask your concierge for assistance in booking reservations or finding new activities that you may not have heard of.

  1. Cabo San Lucas Activities - FishingSailing: Whether it is racing your friends across the water on a retired America’s Cus sport sail boat or just cruising the coastline watching for whales and swimming in the warm Sea of Cortez waters, Sailing is the best Cabo San Lucas activities.
  2. Cabo San Lucas Scuba Diving/Snorkeling: One of the top activities in Cabo San Lucas is to spend a day below the sea, hanging out with thousands of different species that live in the Gulf of California.
  3. Deep Sea Fishing: There is a reason why the top three activities are all out at sea, there is so much to do. As for exhilarating activities, Cabo San Lucas is home to the world’s best sportfishing. Charter a boat and learn how to reel in a 500 pound tuna if you don’t believe the hype.
  4. Cabo San Lucas Golf: The combination of a gorgeous ocean, virgin beaches, and a desert landscape create a perfect destination for a golf vacation. There are numerous courses to choose from and most will offer gorgeous views on every hole.
  5. Whale Watching: Every winter the whales finish their long migration and end up playing in the waters of Baja California Sur for all the visitors to watch. Visit sometimes between late December and March to enjoy the magnificent show.
  6. Offroading: If adventure is your middle name, hook up with an organized tour for some thrilling off road activities. Motorcycles, ATVs, dune buggy’s, and even full 4x4 vehicles are all at your disposal in Cabo San Lucas. Buckle up and head out into the desert to see a different side of Cabo.
  7. Cabo Dolphins: The favorite for families visiting Baja is the Cabo Dolphins exhibit where you can swim with friendly dolphins that will even do tricks for you. Get a photo because no one back home will believe your story.
  8. Shopping: Between the local artisan shops and the new high end shopping mall at the marina, there is an endless amount shopping in Cabo San Lucas.
  9. Eco-tours: The Los Cabos area has become a haven for eco-tour companies because of the large number of natural preserves both on land and at sea. Whether it is helping baby turtles find their way to the sea, snorkeling in a non-fishing zone, or learning about the native culture, there is something for everyone in Cabo.
  10. Sunbathing: The true #1 activity in Cabo is suntanning; or more likely sunburning. The sun is shining almost every day of the year and visitors love to lounge by the pool or beach. Strong sunscreen recommended for all of you without preexisting tans.