Cabo San Lucas Activities Off The Beaten Path

Everyone will hang out at The Office on Medano Beach, dance the night away at Cabo Wabo, and pick a sailing, scuba diving, or sport fishing tour to try out. But, that isn’t all Cabo San Lucas has to offer visitors. There are many nearby sights that are easy to get to, fairly cheap, and much more secluded from the abundance of tourists in downtown Cabo. Here is a brief list of off the beaten path activities in Cabo San Lucas.

  1. Rent a car - One of the best Cabo San Lucas activities is to rent a car and head to San Jose Del Cabo, Todos Santos, Los Barriles, La Paz, or many of the smaller towns where tourists do not flock. You will find relaxing restaurants, secluded beaches, and more of a Mexican culture vibe when you get out of Cabo San Lucas.
  2. Visit more secluded beaches - Head out to the increasingly popular Cerritos for a good swimming and surfing beach or check a surfing guide for hidden spots where you might find yourself all alone with miles of white sandy beach and great waves.
  3. Local cuisine - You shouldn’t leave Cabo without trying the delicious food. Pick up Chilaquiles at Lolitas for breakfast, Pozole Verde at Chabelita after a hangover, and ask a local where they buy their fish tacos to really understand what a Baja taco is all about.
  4. Tours to local villages - Candelaria is an old witchcraft town home to amazing flora and fauna 25 miles north of Cabo. The trip has spectacular views and you will see what life is like for true “locals.”
  5. Natural Reserves - One of the more unknown activities in Cabo San Lucas is all the natural reserves close by. San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary, Cabo Pulmo National Park, and Desert Park Natural Reserve are all beautiful places to visit that most tourists have never seen.
  6. Glass Factory - An close by attraction that is off the beaten path is the Vitrofusion Glass Blowing Factory. They can custom make you something and will show you around the factory for free if you just show up (don’t use an organized tour; take a taxi).