The best thing about traveling with 2 year old kids is that they appreciate everything! Literally, the sand between their toes, the birds flying around the pool area, the on-site ice cream shop, and much more will satisfy their desires. It isn’t hard to please a 2 year old when you are vacationing in Baja, but here are some tips about the best activities in Cabo San Lucas for two year olds.

Accommodations: Two year old kids are not the same as teenagers and you will need to find out ahead of time if the resort you are staying at is age appropriate for your children. For example, Villa Del Palmar Cabo has a kiddie pool, ice cream parlor, and is located right on the beach; all perfect for your two year old. Kids’ favorite activities in Cabo San Lucas are usually the kids clubs at each resort but call ahead to see what specific programs are suitable for toddlers. Getting around town to eat every meal can be difficult with a toddler so you will want a resort with an on-site restaurant and supermarket for cooking meals in your villa. The villa should have a kitchen, private bedroom, and high char or booster seat for your child.

What to bring: There are a few items you should come prepared with because buying them in Cabo will be more of a hassle then its worth. Portable DVD player, rubber bath tub mat (ask hotel if they have one in advance), toddler advil, life jacket, extra diapers, and favorite snacks are just a few basics to get you started. Things like a life jacket and beach toys will be provided by a good kid friendly resort.

Local activities: If the scheduled on-site resort activities don’t quite satisfy your toddler, there are a few nearby activities that will rock their world. Take a glass bottom boat tour and let your toddler gaze under the sea without actually having to jump in. The amazing sea life down below is a sure bet to excite any kid. Two year old kids won’t be able try some of the top activities in Cabo San Lucas, but you can still visit local parks, natural reserves, and play on the white sandy beaches to pass the time. Toddler friendly resorts like Villa Del Arco Cabo San Lucas will be able to supply fun beach toys that will keep a kid occupied for days.