All Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations - Cabo San Lucas

Many times, a couple’s honeymoon will be their most extravagant and exciting vacation of their life. Unfortunately, with all of the insane wedding planning going on, it seems that the honeymoon is all too often put on the back-burner. One of the best ways for a couple to ensure their honeymoon is planned properly is by choosing your honeymoon destinations all inclusive package. All of your meals and drinks can be taken care of for you and sometimes all of your activities will be included. Once you are finally done with the stressful wedding planning, don’t worry about planning what you are going to eat and do on your honeymoon, let someone else do all that work. Here are five of the best all inclusive honeymoon destinations:

  1. All Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations - Los CabosCabo San Lucas, Mexico: Where the vast Pacific Ocean meets the crystal clear blue waters of the Sea of Cortez lays a small peninsula famous for the “El Arco” rock formation at the very point. If you want a top honeymoon destinations all inclusive package, look no further than Cabo San Lucas. There are plenty of romantic activities, his and her adventures, and ultimate luxury under the warm Mexican sun. Top rated resorts like Villa Del PalmarVilla La Estancia and Villa Del Arco have fine dining restaurants, bars, and cafes onsite to make life as easy as possible on the newlyweds. Champagne in your room, margaritas by the pool, and maybe even some tequila shots at the hot nightlife spots; couples will love a Cabo honeymoon. Book a villa that has a private jacuzzi overlooking the Sea of Cortez and then have the resort’s spa service bring the massages to you in your room for unmatched relaxation and a romantic evening. Top it off with a personal chef in  your villa and some vintage Mexican wine for a romantic evening together.
  2. Bahamas: The infamous aqua blue waters on the beaches of the Bahamas draw thousands of newlyweds to the area every year. The island lifestyle can offer couples both an adventurous getaway or completely relaxing honeymoon. You can choose to do everything or nothing at all, and that’s perfectly okay in the Bahamas where you will be staring out at some of the most beautiful natural views in the world. Fresh seafood, the Atlantis, and jaw dropping sunsets are just a few reasons to book your honeymoon at the Bahamas.
  3. Aruba: The perfect honeymoon destination for soaking up the sun on some of the worlds best beaches is definitely Aruba. The tiny island has amazing weather year round and more white sandy beaches than you can ask for. The service and amenities you will find in Aruba, such as luxury spas, will blow you away and help a couple to completely relax and enjoy their honeymoon together.
  4. Hawaii: By far the most popular choice for American honeymooners is still Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, fun water sports, jungle adventures, volcano hikes, and plenty of five star resorts to go around make Hawaii the best equipped destination for newlyweds. They have everything you could possibly imagine and probably much more than that. It can be a little overpriced and crowded during peak season, but you will still be well taken care of.
  5. Fiji: If you want to get away from it all and have a romantic honeymoon together with just you two, white sandy beaches, and turqoise water, head to Fiji. The flight and luxury villa will have a high price tag but that is usually well worth it because you will feel like royalty once you are on the island. Don’t pass up an opportunity to go for some world class scuba diving or snorkeling. Fiji also offers a one-of-a-kind souvenir, black pearl jewelry from Savusavu Bay. Be prepared though, it is an 11 hour flight from Los Angeles. Compare that to the 3 hour (or less) flight to Cabo and your decision on where to honeymoon might change.

 Photos by Vironevaeh and Mike Baird