Villa del Arco and sport Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Sport fishing is what put Cabo "on the map." No other destination in the world can rival Cabo San Lucas for the number and variety of fish caught year-round. You will see hundreds of sport-fishing boats in the marina, ranging from humble "pangas" to sleek yachts. Even if you've never tried sport-fishing, Cabo is a great place to get your start.

The Concierges at Villa del Arco can give you more information about fishing and how to charter a boat.

The Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Cabo San Lucas is known as the "Marlin Capital of the World." In fact, there are more marlin caught here every year -- over 40,000 by some estimates -- than any other place on earth. It is not unusual to capture one or more on your very first trip, regardless of your skill level.

In addition, a fishing excursion gives you an opportunity to view the Cape and its landmarks from a unique perspective, while even catching a close-up look at whales, dolphins and seals. The staff at Villa del Arco can help you with all of this.

To help make your sport-fishing trip the most enjoyable, we recommend that you plan your trip at least a couple days in advance. Sport fishing boat heads out for some great fishing.Advance reservations enable you to charter your ideal boat type on your preferred dates. If you wish to schedule your sport-fishing before leaving home, please note that most major fleets have stateside booking agents with toll-free numbers, as well as direct dial numbers to their Mexican offices. However, even if you wait until after arriving in Cabo, during most of the year you can still charter a fishing boat with a day or two's advance notice. Just contact one of the fleet offices around town or stop at the Villa del Arco's travel agency for more information.


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